Who We Are

We Provide all over Bangladesh Charity Service Since 2013

Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh is a non-profit organization. At present, it is working with the underprivileged children of Bangladesh. Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh dreams of a society where there will be no discrimination in education, letters, religions, or communities. Without discrimination, people will enjoy full dignity and participate in the mainstream development of stability and empowerment. Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh is an independent organization. These underprivileged children are considered a burden of society. So, to ensure these street children basic rights. Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh starts its Journey in 2013.

How can we help?

Charity For Education

Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single

Charity For Health

Discover how far your investment money can go to assist families and vulnerable

Charity For Food

Our support creates self-sustaining, powered communities

Why Choose Us?

In the first year of the journey Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh distributed Educational materials, New dress on various occasions, and nutritious food in a different area of Dhaka city.



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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health
increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.

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