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This organization has started its activities during 2013 under the leadership of Md. Wares Ali and some other dedicated personnel of the area. Actually, the people of this area have been suffering for a long period of time from natural disaster, flood, hails and storms, illiteracy, diseases, lack of skill-ness, lack of water and sanitation facilities etc. As a result, most people of this area were living below poverty level. On the other hand, women folks of the area are living far behind in comparison to men. In this situation of the area the above-mentioned leader has tried to unite the people of the area with a view to assisting poor/ destitute families with women leadership under the shadow of a organization named Human Well-being Foundation of Bangladesh. Gradually this organization expands its activities /services for the remotest area of the district. It is expected that with in a short period of time more area will be covered under services of this organization.

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